Sewing Tool Roundup!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Being longtime seamstresses, the team here at SEW Moni has had plenty of chances to thoroughly test some products and have compiled a list of tried and true tools that every seamstress should have in her possession.

A good, sharp pair of Fiskars are a must!  The brand has been around for ages, since 1694 to be exact.  Their products are readily available and have great longevity.  Not in the mood to buy another pair, make your well-used scissors like new and have them sharpened for a fraction of the cost.  No wonder they are the world's #1 scissor brand.
Available at Joann Fabrics, Target, Walmart, and just about any sewing supply store.

 Magnetic Pin Cushion
My mother introduced me to this wonderful invention, and I haven't used my tomato cushion since.  Not only helpful for keeping your pins organized and at your finger tips, it's perfect for post project clean-ups.  Just a slow sweep across your table, and it picks up any loose pins scattered about.
Grabbit is our brand of choice.
Pick one up at Joann Fabrics.  Sil Thread in the NYC garment district is a great source too.

Seam Ripper
I lovingly call this the "sewing eraser" and it's is a must for pulling out those little mistakes that seem to show up as we are sewing.  They are quite useful for creating machine stitched button holes too!  Seam rippers come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  I find that the one's with the longer handles are easier to control.
Available at Joann Fabrics, Sil Thread and Panda Thread of NYC.

Voted best iron by the SEW Moni team and prized by our current students, the Rowenta Focus Stainless-Steel Iron gets rid of those pesky wrinkles and presses seams flat with beautiful smoothness and ease.
Pick one up at Target or Joann Fabrics.

 Measuring Tape
Where would pattern making be without measurements?  Keep your sewing accurate with one of these flexible and perfectly portable rulers.
Available at just about any sewing supply store.  

SEW on!
-Katie Mann

Remembering The Local!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We were happy to have The Local of The NY Times write a quick plug for our sewing classes. Thanks!

March Sewing Classes

Friday, February 5, 2010

Excitingly, we have started our first set of sewing classes this week, and they are going great!  It's always exciting to meet new students who are eager to learn the craft of sewing and take part the enjoyment of it all.  

So far within our classes, we've managed to attract college students, architects, designers, administrators, and business owners.  I find it interesting that sewing alone can bring such a diverse group of women together.  It truly is a beautiful thing.  With that said, we would love to have you as part of our sewing classes this month!  

We will be offering Beginning Sewing on Monday and Wednesday nights.  Beginning Clothing Construction will also be taught on Wednesday nights.
We only have a few spaces left, so sign up while you can!

Sew on, sew on...


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