I'm Happy to be an American

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I was recently mugged and assaulted in Brooklyn, NY. I know. I felt violated, scared and the experience left me jaded for a few weeks. Also, it happened at 2:30pm in the afternoon, in broad daylight! Is that even allowed? Luckily, a few people witnessed, heard my screams and actually came to my rescue. They helped me, picked me up off the ground and took care of me till the police showed up.

Even though our economy stinks and I happened to be a victim of the increased crime rate due to the economic slump, I'm still happy to be living in the US. I'm so blessed that strangers were there for me and their efforts proved to me that city people are kind.

Coincidentally, much of my sewing inspiration is derived from America. The two horse prints above are Robert Kaufman fabrics and I LOVE them. Horses remind me of Texas and all things patriotic. And, the print with flags perfectly moving in sync while horses gallop in glory gives me a sense of comfort.

On a similar note, this week marks a huge gallop for sewMONI. We are bringing on 2-3 part time employees! It's important to me that our small company supports employment efforts in the USA. All of our goods are handmade in the USA one stitch at a time with much care. Our newest employees are quite talented and I am anxious to see what new things will be generated within the next few months.

Enjoy your weekend!


Photo Credit: Robert Kaufman

The King is Back in Fabric

Friday, September 18, 2009


Today I've been thinking about Elvis. Don't know why but I have!

My parents took me to see Graceland when I was about 10 years old. Exploring Elvis' mansion and witnessing multitudes of women cry as they strolled past his grave site left such an impression upon me. So when I Googled "Elvis fabric" and learned of its popularity, I had to post and write about my findings.

I'm not crazy about the prints I discovered but the idea of commemorating the King via fabric is stellar. Now if I can only find fabric with silhouettes of Edward Norton.


Photo Credit: Elvisly Yours & Etsy

Toile for You and I

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I've always been a fan of Toile or fabrics that connotate history. Toile came to life in the 16th Century and is French for "web" or "cloth". It's quite popular within the home decor markets and among Provencial interior designers. I dig it's complicated and harmonious print scenes. 
My initial introduction to Toile was via my Mother and her many country Toile home decor projects. Toile prints from soft pink to primary black were always in the mix at my home in Texas. 
I've begun to incorporate Toile for sewMONI Spring 2010 in light pastels and steel grey colors. I love the way it makes me feel regal in taste. Also, having a bit of Toile around [in home decor or personal accessories] reminds me of time past and new adventures to come! 

Photo Credits:House Couturier & Pillow Outlet

2nd Wind

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I just returned from watching Julie & Julia and WOW! I'm literally speechless.

I left the theater genuinely inspired and happy.  I didn't for see my admiration at all nor did I expect to be so enthusiastic about a per se chick flick!  Even at my disgusting Bermese dinner before the film, I noted to myself that the movie would most likely be okay, and that there was a 90% chance I'd regret spending 12.50 USD to see it.  Plus, I knew we were going to a theater with uncomfortable seats which always lends to an off night at the movies. 

Boy was I wrong. [Wrong about the movie but right about the seats :)]

Julie & Julia was straight forward and a sincere delight. Julie's quest for vindication was real and corky. It made complete sense why she needed daily tasks and a final deadline to feel focused. I fight deadlines all the time and struggle with finding purpose in my every move. But after tonight's boost of energy I feel a 2nd wind.

I desire to create, eat, laugh, be romantic and live!

But first sleep.



Photo Credit: MovieBlog

Go To!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm always asked which web-sites I use to gather information about fabrics. Below are a few that I surf almost everyday or at least once a week!

Purl Soho
Handcock Fabrics
Always Mod

If you are looking for fabric shops in your area I suggest Googling Quilt Shop Locations. This may sound like a "no brainer" to sewing fanatics but to beginning sewers, maybe not. My absolute favorite quilting store is The Quilt Cottage located in Corpus Christi, Texas. They have an incredible selections of cotton fabrics. They also have a nifty online shop and online orders are shipped out rather quickly.


Photo Credit: Always Mod
Working at True Boutique today: www.betruenyc.com


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