May I tell you...

Monday, April 7, 2014

May I tell you where I've been and where I am going?

I finally traveled to a far off place where milk and honey exist, but in the faces of people. 
I spent time with souls who are friends and those whom I love greater than I know what the word great means.
I met people who challenged me and some who left me hurt, only to find that hurt burns away like fog hit by rays of sun.
I sewed new things and mended old things with a smile on my face.
I realized that I like to do other things than my passion of sewing and some of these things include cooking, writing, film and photography.
I found a new home in my old skin of 34 years of age that you can read about here and see here.
I've decided that those two online places are far more a reflection of me, so follow me there if and when you'd like.



PS. I have a new found crush on Yoko Ono.


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