Saturday, August 18, 2012

SEW Moni, a Seamstress Blog is all about crafting a beautiful life. Through sewing, textiles,
do-it-yourself projects, inspirational ideas and images we focus on enhancing the everyday life and encouraging creativity.

If you would like to be a sponsor of our inspired and crafty viewpoint from Brooklyn NY, take a look at the information below regarding our advertising program. Please note that we take all sponsorship inquiries seriously and only partner with brands that we:

A. genuinely like and 

B. feel that our readers will appreciate.


Sew Moni, a Seamstress Blog Team

Current Statistics
  • 155+ unique views per day
  • Sew Moni reader love: Crafts, Textiles, Sewing, Fashion, Music, Home, DIYs and Beauty
Recent Press
Sew Moni has received press within Brooklyn Magazine, Time Out NY, The Brooklyn Paper and more national as well as regional publications.

Advertising Details
  • Ad design is complementary if your company is not able to create an ad image.
  • All advertising relationships with Sew Moni  are subject to approval. We ask that you first send an inquiry to: Katie@sewmoni.com. After approval, the Sew Moni team will work with your company to create an ad that is both seamless and inviting alongside Sew Moni's blog content
  • Sponsor advertisements are rotated every 2 weeks to ensure visibility.
Custom Package
Please contact katie@sewmoni.com for all custom advertisement packages or for booking multiple ads in advance.



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