Toile for You and I

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I've always been a fan of Toile or fabrics that connotate history. Toile came to life in the 16th Century and is French for "web" or "cloth". It's quite popular within the home decor markets and among Provencial interior designers. I dig it's complicated and harmonious print scenes. 
My initial introduction to Toile was via my Mother and her many country Toile home decor projects. Toile prints from soft pink to primary black were always in the mix at my home in Texas. 
I've begun to incorporate Toile for sewMONI Spring 2010 in light pastels and steel grey colors. I love the way it makes me feel regal in taste. Also, having a bit of Toile around [in home decor or personal accessories] reminds me of time past and new adventures to come! 

Photo Credits:House Couturier & Pillow Outlet

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