Sexy Sewing Goddess

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I grew up sewing since the age of 7. I don't quite remember my first sewing project or how it turned out. But I do remember many afternoons of watching my Grandmother sew. Her techniques of ironing fabric, stitching by hand and manning a sewing machine were magical.

My goal then was to sew in a straight line.

"If I can sew in a straight line then I might grow up to be a woman like her" was my frequent thought.

Now, I usually tell myself, "If I can spare enough time to just finish this sewing project then....". Not as idealistic of an initial aspiration but nonetheless personally motivating.

All this to say, I still love every minute of sewing, crafting and creating. Sewing gives me a sense of joy and genuine satisfaction. It makes me feel like a domestic goddess. Seriously.

Sewing even makes me feel dashing too.


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