Sunday, January 24, 2010

During the growing stages of SEW Moni I've been praying about a social mission for our company. My initial thoughts were to support a mission abroad. Maybe a mission in Africa or an effort in the now devastated Haiti? But then, I realized that there is so much need right here in the USA.

Last week on our walk to lunch we witnessed a kid being caught and pinned to the ground. Scary. This week, I've seen way to many homeless people in shorts or bundled up like ice cubes in 20 degree weather. And, after exchanging a conversation with a fellow co-worker who as a single mom, adopted her abdonned little one, my throat felt shallow.

I've always felt fortunate and loved. I've never gone hungry or without a place to rest. I have a family who is completely supportive and such influences definitely kept me out of trouble. But not many have these things, not even one. And in the given economic climate, many, many more are suffering.

It's wild for me to even think about such circumstances and nor do I feel as if I could personally relate. The closest I've ever been to suffering was when I worked as an HIV counselor in a state clinic down south. Our daily influx of patients and counseling of test results was hard to swallow. I suppose the emotional anxiety I experienced, and the worry that someone would survive beyond their diagnosis is my closest taste of strife.

While I don't have a billion dollar charity fund or even a thousand dollar offering for many of the needs of our country,  I do have knowledge in what I love to do: sewing. And with that knowledge I intend spark a movement to create and craft for those that need it the most.

During the months of March, April and May I am asking that you join us in a push to craft for people. Maybe there is a kid who's never had a doll or a boy who does not have a blanket. Or maybe there is a shelter who needs more sleeping blankets and pillows. Honestly, I do not know who and were these people are but we'll find them together. We will!

Please stay turned for more on this effort. I intend to put the word out here in Brooklyn, NY. It's my hope that there will be a week if not a month dedicated to weekly sewing groups in your neighborhood, a unified effort to share hope.


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  1. Thanks for your beautiful post. That is a great idea ! I'll do something from France and let you know !



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