Textile Tuesdays Present: Batik

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This Indonesian dying technique has been found in several other cultures in India, the Middle-East, Africa, and parts of Asia. Known for its hand-worked prints, this fabric depicts stories and expresses cultural art unique to its individual creators.

The majority of Batiks start with a plain weave cotton fabric and are made unique by using resistant dye methods.  Silk and rayon fabrics are also a commonly printed on. This method alternates the use of waxes and natural dyes to create all over patterns, directional patterns, single scenes and motifs. Patterns are applied via stencils, carved stamps, and hand painting making it very personal and specific to the artist and region.

Use this fabric to create a bold statement in a dress or an eclectic addition to your home with a Batik wall hanging, a set of throw pillows, or if you're up to the challenge a quilt.


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