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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

While visiting Texas I've watched more western movies in three weeks than ever and decided that I'd embark on a new journey regarding my business. It's nothing too different from what I do daily (sewing + teaching) but it does demand a bit more of me creatively, which I love. {If I can't be positively challenged by this passion of mine then its a bust ;) }

Without further ado or too much jargon, I introduce to you my first half design for my collection, Monica & Michelle.

Monica & Michelle will be my premier wedding and special occasion line made with love and heart from Brooklyn. A portion of profits will benefit various non profits that cater to women and children. And all dresses will be made with the hope that the wearer will share her story with our network, weather it be a sentence to a novel.

I think it's high time we start calling out each other's successes and taking note of our untold stories.



PS. The collection is named after my sister and I.

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