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Monday, August 26, 2013

I'd been thinking about collage art for a quite a while, especially after returning from Paris last summer. Paris in all its glory opened my eyes to art beyond fabric or paint, and particuarly that which incorporates photography. For a gal who didn't study art in collage (I have BSs in Public Health and Chemistry), I felt like a child in a candy store visiting countless Paris museums, day dreaming about colors and hopeful to one day create an inspirational piece about my 2012 France trip. Those day dreams have finally come to fruition through the simple medium of collage, an art technique that suits me just dandy. Collage feels quite natural and personal to me, as if I'm free style rapping or writing a poem. The biggest revelation from being collage active is that it expresses all of my artistic interests in one placd. And, if I am to be an artist, then I must create unique impressions from my heart.

With my new undying affection for collage, join me this month at my shop where I hope to collage among friends and build community at the same time. I'm envisioning nights of paint, photo, glitter, paper, scissors, good snacks, laughs and more. Make sure to bring your beverage of choice.
Hope to see you soon!
PS. The fabric collage I made below is called Zion ;)

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