Delayed Blogging Action

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I'm using the words of a dear friend today, "delayed action", and adding "blogging" to them to create the title for this post because it's true:

Sew Moni has been in serious "delayed blogging action".

I never like to make excuses for lack of blogging and I'm not starting now.

So what has caused such delay?!

We've been crafting, designing and simply living so much that it's hard decide what to blog about and honestly it's summer so who want to be in front of a computer :-)

On that note, these summer days of play and laughter days have surely been sweet and below are just a few pictures to share along with thoughts that were bouncing in my head at the time.

*****New students have graced our classes*****

^^^^Get ready for a new line of jewels from Greene & Sunset^^^^

~~~~Photo Shoots are our favorite~~~~They give us an excuse to explore new Williamsburg neighborhoods~~~~

////Could not and would not live without summer BBQ block parties/////

And more.

Let us know what you've been up to and send pics please.



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