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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Image via Fossil

Nature does it best and these twig candle holders are no exception. I love the way the light shines throw the twigs, it makes such a warm romantic glow! Take a look below and learn to make your own twig lights:

Glass candle holder
Adhesive for multi-surfaces (wood and glass)
Garden snips or wire cutters
Dry twigs

Image via Fossil

Image via Fossil
Step 1: Prep it
Wash candle holders with soap and water and dry well. Cut down the twigs to match the height of the candle holder.

Step 2: Glue it
Dab glue along twig where it will lay flush with the glass. Hold in place to allow glue to set-up before gluing the next twig. Continue until the glass is fully covered.

Image via Fossil

Step 3: Light it
Place votive inside of each holder and light. Arrange lights on a mantle, as a center piece for your dining room table or on your bedside table and let the ambiance begin.

Have a great weekend and happy crafting!
xo- Katie

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