Finding Fabric in NYC

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I LOVE fabric so today I'm excited to blog about excellent places to find great fabrics in New York City! :) There's nothing like walking into a fabric store and being able to browse through all the unique fabrics first-hand.  The first area I go to get inspired and gawk at gorgeous fabrics is the Garment District in Manhattan. I'll share two of my favorite spots there first, then a great place for bargain fabrics farther south by Canal Street in Chinatown, and then a hidden gem down in Brooklyn!

Let's start with Mood. This store is amazing! It's the biggest fabric store I've seen in the city. They have three levels, packed with great fabrics of every kind you can imagine. It can get a little pricey but if you're looking for a very specific kind of fabric they're bound to have it. And if you're shopping for fabric for a special occasion this is definitely the place for you. You'll find Mood at 225 West 37th Street on the third floor.
P.S. I just found out you can check out their floorplan on their website! Awesome!

After I hit Mood, B&J Fabrics is always my next stop. Located at 525 7th Ave this store is smaller but it still has a great selection and the prices are a little more affordable.

New York Fabric Warehouse, (also known as Long Island Fabrics) is the place to go for cheap fabric finds. You have to dig around a lot more at this place, but you just might get lucky and score a great deal! You can find it at 406 Broadway near Canal Street. I recommend walking west on Broadway a bit while you're there because there's a couple more bargain-priced fabrics stores nearby as well.

The Baltic Thrift Bazaar in at 141 Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn Heights is a great second-hand shop with the best vintage fabric selection I've found anywhere, ever! :) A lot of their fabrics and notions are focused on upholstry and home decor which makes sense because they're nestled in with all the antique furniture shops on Atlantic Ave. This place is a must-see!


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