Photo Collage: Take 1!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My installation shown lends somewhat of a taxidermy feel. It's a mesh of photographic landscapes, charms from my grandmother's travels, images of inspirational closeups and a single fabric swatch. All elements are adhered to the wall with delicate pearl drop pins reminding me of the places I've been, the people I've had the privilege of meeting, and the passions of my heart.  Every time my eyes wonder across the wall, I fell good and smile.
Here's how you can create the same feeling in your own unique way!

DIY Directions:


Photos: Choose your favorite photos and be sure to select a mix of 8x10 prints and/or 4x5s. Having a range of horizontal and vertical shots while paying attention to muted and bright color schemes is good to do to.  Also, if you want a more streamlined and sophisticated feel, stick with a color theme of just black and white.  Or selecting a certain subject matter, such as European bridges or romantic floral photos, would lend to refinement.

Pins: Pearl head pins, straight pins or T-pins work great.  The thicker the pin the better!

Pin-able Trinkets: Includes anything that is light enough to be pinned to a wall.  Ha! Stickers, patches, charms from a charm bracelet, feathers, paper, ticket stubs are all great options. Have fun with your selection and make it heart felt.
Completing the Collage
1) Arrange your goodies on a flat surface.  Make sure to balance close up shots with landscapes, horizontal and vertical pictures.  Be mindful of the colors and textures too.
2) Begin pinning the photos and keepsakes to the wall.  Center your pin in the picture so that it hangs straight, or you could anchor each corner with a pin instead.  I like the pictures to float a bit, so I chose to use one pin.  The pinning may take some time, and you may find that you need to reconfigure a few things once it's all up, but be patient and have a critical eye.  The wonderful thing is that changes are easy to make and since you're using pins instead of nails, the holes are almost unnoticeable if you have to move a picture.
3) Enjoy your work!

-Katie :)

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