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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's a quiet, crisp, fall day. Or at least it would be quiet if I wasn't cranking up my favorite Pandora stations as usual. ;) Everyone at SewMoni knows my usual picks, M.I.A., MGMT, Balkan Beatbox, ridiculous 80's songs most people save for karaoke nights...

Even though it sounds like a crazy dance-party in my apartment, I'm all business, taking measurements of a tote bag and then transferring the results to the pattern I'm drafting on the computer.

I'm working from home today, developing a pattern and how-to instructions for one of our staple SewMoni totes. It's coming along well, there's still plenty to do, but it's getting there. Moni and I have been working on the patterns together for the past couple months. I'm excited because we're breaking out of the old traditional layouts that have been used for sewing patterns since the earley 1900's! I think the modern look will make our patterns very easy to read for today's sewers and aspiring sewers. Stay tuned!

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