Mother's Day

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mother's Day is a lovely day set aside to honor the mothers in our lives.  Starting in Grecian times, it developed over the ages and became permanently ingrained in the American culture when Woodrow Wilson signed a bill declaring it a national holiday 96 years ago.  It was all brought on by a daughter, Anna Jarvis, who wanted to memorialize the legacy of her mother who spent her life working on behalf of those less fortunate. 

So let us continue the tradition and honor those that have not only given us life, but have influenced it as well.

We here at SEW Moni feel that something handmade and heartfelt is the way to go.  Whether it be something sewn, painted, written, baked, or said, make your appreciation known.

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Sewing!

 - Katie

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