Banner O' Triangles

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our office space needed a little pick-me-up, so I broke out the scrap fabric and the scissors and sewed up a sweet DIY banner to add some texture and color.

Here's how...
Fabric, Scissors, Pinking Shears, Ruler, Pins, Thread, Sewing Machine

Step 1: Chose your fabrics
Combine different fabric prints that share warm and cool color tones. This means pairing up the  green, blue, and aqua fabrics or matching up the red, yellow, pink, and orange fabrics. The similar color palette will help unify the different fabric prints in the banner.

Step 2: Cut the banner streamer 
Using the pinking shears, cut a banner streamer 3 inches wide and at the desired length.

Step 3: Cut out the triangles
Cut the triangles so that all 3 sides were all 10 inches long. If you plan on hanging this in a doorway or in a window, you may want to consider cutting 2 triangles of each fabric so that the fabric print can be seen from both front and back views.

Step 4: Pin the banner streamer and triangles together
Iron the banner streamer in half along its length. Evenly space the triangles along the banner streamer and pin in place between the fold of the streamer.

Step 5: Sew the banner streamer and triangles together
Stitch the banner streamer and triangles together 1/4" away from the cut edge of the banner streamer. 

Step 6: Cut slits into triangles
Add a bit of movement to the banner by cutting 1" slits into the triangles. 

We would love to see your version of the "Banner O' Triangles" - comment and share your image link!

Happy Sewing!
xo Katie

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