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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Image via Think Crafts!

We've really latched onto this DIY jewelry project from Think Crafts!. Take a trip to your local hardware store and let the creativity begin!

Image via Think Crafts!
Rivets & Setter (get the assorted kit)  
Punch or an XACTO Knife 
Scissors or Utility Knife
Hammer or Mallet (to set the rivets) 
Leather Cement (optional)
Water-Based Varnish (optional)

Step 1: Cut the leather strip
To determine the length, measure around your wrist and add 2 inches. Use the size of your clasp to help determine the width (the one pictured is 2 inches wide). Using your scissors or utility know cut the leather piece to size.

Step 2: Preparing the leather strip
Fold each end of the strip under by at least 1 inch. Secure the folds with the leather cement (optional).
Step 3: Marking the clasp placement
Wrap the leather around your wrist to size and place the closed clasp where the edges meet. Use a pen to mark where the rivets will go to secure the clasp. Using a leather punch or an XACTO knife, create holes where the rivets will be placed.

Step 4: Inserting the rivets
Choose the rivet size carefully to ensure a secure fit. Make sure the rivet will pass through 2 layers of leather and the clasp extending no further than 1/8 inch (the one pictured uses the smallest rivet size). Insert the rivet post from the backside and snap the cap on top. Use a mallet and rivet setting tool to secure the rivet by giving it a sharp strike.

Step 5: Finishing the leather cuff
For a cleaner look use a water-based varnish to smooth and seal the edges of the wrap.

Happy Crafting!

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