A Quilting Story

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vallen from our Beginning Sewing class decided to take her newly learned sewing skills to the next level and signed up for our Quilting 101 workshop. This is her quilting story (got to love a good photo story)...

MEET VALLEN - She's just swell!

THE FIRST STEPS - She chose the fabric color scheme and cut all the pieces to make the quilt blocks.

THE NEXT STEPS - It's stitching time! She created the blocks by sewing them row by row.

BUILDING THE BLOCKS - See how the quilt block was built row by row and attached all together to form the mini quilt.

FINISHING THE QUILT -Vallen first layered the batting and the backing fabric to her quilt blocks. Then she stitched the layers together and added the binding around the outer edge of the quilt. 

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Sew on people!
xo - Katie

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