Machine Embroidery: Spark Stitch

Friday, July 2, 2010

I found some old sewing notes my grandmother made as she was learning machine embroidery on her Singer.  The complexity of these stitch patterns are amazing! Since her day, the cost to buy embroidered fabric is much lower and as a result the art of enhancing fabric with machine or hand embroidery has somewhat been lost.  So take a sewing lesson from my grandmother, Norma Joy, on the Spark Stitch.

Spark Stitch

Supply List:
-Fine silk or mercerized thread
-Heavy silk or mercerized thread
-Embroidery hoop
-Sewing machine
-Feed plate cover, or machine with feed adjustment

Threading Prep: The Spark Stitch is done with fine silk, or fine mercerized thread on the bobbin and heavy silk or heavy-duty mercerized thread on top.

Machine Prep: The bobbin, or lower tension is loose. The upper tension is normal or slightly tight. The feed of the sewing machine is dropped or a feed cover late is used. Remove the presser foot.

Fabric Prep: The design is stamped or drawn on the right side of the fabric. Place material in hoops. If following a a pattern is preferred select one recommended for braiding

Beginning Stitch: Insert hoops under needle and presser bar. Lower presser bar. Hold end of top thread, lower needle, and draw bobbin thread through to top

Spark Stitch: The work is guided about in an even circular motion while following the design. This is usually freehand work and is done on the right side of the garment.

I feel quite inspired to try this myself on some dish towels, or maybe some old denim cut-offs. It could be quite cute right?

Sew on people!

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