Thursday, July 8, 2010

SEWMoni's sewing classes got me thinking about when I first began sewing as a little girl in Hawaii.  An elderly Japanese woman taught lessons out of her homeFrail and petite in stature, she somehow managed to maintain strict obedience in our small room full of young students without ever raising her voice.  She was graceful and precise with her long skeletal fingers, working with incredible speed with the needle and thread.  My sewing sensei taught me precision in my needle-work, but never allowed our class to venture creatively. 

At SEWmoni the students learn the basics of sewing and begin to form their own projects.  Teachers at SEWmoni help the students cultivate what they aspire to construct.  Many of the current students have only recently explored sewing as a hobby and have already developed business ideas around the craft!  Get inspired!

Want to register for class? Take a look at our Class Schedule!

Alix : )

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