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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We just finished our July sewing classes and are getting started to move forward with August which means a few things:

1. New Students!
2. New Classes

When I brain storm for new class ideas I often consider the weather. Sounds like a cliche, but it's true. And with fall approaching soon, its definitely time to get to quilting!

In order to quilt its very important to:
1. Research
2. Decide voice of Quilt
3. Consider Colors
4. Define design & Dimension

I intend to go over each steps within the next weeks and to also expand upon where and how to get the quilting resources you need!

In regard to my first step, above is an image I pulled from for quilt inspiration. I'm also going to go to the MoMA museum today to see what else might influence our fall quilt blocks. Last, I'll more than likely research the idea of "early fall quilts". Was or is this a movement? What is early fall?

Such efforts are my prep or "scout" work, my most favorite part of the quilt design process. Scouting forces me to visit museums, attend events and read books for inspirational purposes---as well as take in dinners with fellow crafters to collaborate!

 It takes me at least 2 - 3 weeks of scouting for each quilt I make. Why so long? Quilts are built upon the foundation of not only sewing and craftsmanship, but story telling. Having a clear and thoughtful story to accompany the long hours of needle work is always nicer :) Also, creating quilts is completely different than clothing construction. The process is quite geometrical and requires one to be excited about details!!
All that to say, I am ready to quilt and expect such to be involved with our Sept. class and you one blog at a time!


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