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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our week closed with the welcome of sickness :( Boo, sniff, BOO!

Being sick in Brooklyn is rough. Our recent weather has been quite unpredictable. Random rain storms with afternoons of humidity and night breezes are why I am sick. I think it's secretly May.

However, aside from illness, there are many things to be excited about; more specifically, an invitation I received to participate in a recipe exchange this month! This may sound 1940's at first, but after a little thought, it's all to much and très generation-X. With one email sent by Drofa Speak, sew MONI will now be apart of a mini thread which will result in 36 NEW recipes!

This invite has entered my life at a great time because I was just thinking that my current food menus could use a make over. My staple baked chicken with asparagus and mashed potatoes has kissed my Anthropolgie faux china one too many times this month. Why not mix it up in the kitchen?!

That being said, please find Drofa Speak's email below for reference on how you may initiate a recipe exchange via your friends. Now, it's time to decide what to submit.



Position One: Email 1
Position Two: Your Email

Hello all!!

You have been invited to be a part of a recipe exchange. I hope you will participate. Please send a recipe to the person whose name is in position 1 (even if you don't know them). It should be something quick, easy and without rare ingredients. Actually, the best one is the one you know in your head and can type right now. Don't agonize over it; it is the one you make when you're short of time.

After you've sent your recipe to the person in position 1 (and only to that person), copy this letter into a new e-mail, move my name to the top and put your name in position 2. Only my name and your name should show when you send your e-mail. Send to 20 friends. If you cannot do this within 5 days, let me know so it will be fair to those participating. You should receive 36 recipes. It's fun to see where they come from! Seldom does anyone drop out because we all need new ideas. The turnaround is fast as there are only 2 names on the list. You only have to do this once.

Happy cooking!

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