Production Day

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"The sewing machine joins what the scissors have cut asunder, plus whatever else comes in its path."  -Mason Cooley

It's a calm, drizzly day in Brooklyn.  We sit above the street in a room of glowing lights with nothing but the sound of sewing machines and rolling tires sloshing across wet pavement to soothe our ears.  The pile of raw fabric cuts slowly dwindles as the pile of the stitched and turned grows in number.  It's a production day here at SewMoni.

Steph and I chit chat during our short lived breaks to pin or turn out the freshly sewn aprons.  Strangely enough, our middle school days come up in conversation amongst other, more serious topics like past Halloween costumes, fabric prints, and music.  It's enjoyable talking about nothing sometimes.  We pause for a drink.  Steph has her tea, and I stick to my heavily sugared coffee I bought at food cart parked outside the subway station.  The coffee is getting cold, but still carries a nice kick.

As we work with Moni's machines, it's like getting to know a new friend.  Figuring out how to wind the bobbin, changing stitch length, reversing the stitch, etc, your basic friend stuff.  I'm excited to see what more will come with the collaboration between Moni, Steph, and I.

Sew on people, sew on!

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