Coughing Gets Old

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I already have a cold and I'm sick of it. My old time remedy of whiskey and tea is not working and the raspy-ness of my throat is loaded.

BUT, I am still sewing today in preparation for our next Peddler Craft Show in Corpus Christi Texas! Whoop!

Craft shows are my absolute favorite. I live for freshly popped popcorn and homemade hot fudge within arms reach. Scouring multitudes of booths to find that perfect gift is invigorating for me. Shows generate a buzz that is alive and happy, a break from our economic pot hole. And, random dialog between shoppers and vendors is a treat because your reminded that the world is not so big.

On that note, I've met so many local as well as national vendors who have been "peddling" around the world for 10, 20, and sometimes even 30 years. Some are wood workers while others are soap makers. Some make garments while others tan leather. As a whole, the majority will attest that there are fewer and fewer hand crafted items displayed each year. BUT, non will deny that peddling and homemade eats always equates to a welcoming environment.


*Pictured above are Japanese vegetable peddlers.

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